On an Awfully Big Hot Dog Cart

*Drafted as “On Writing to Yourself”*

Since the beginning of the New Year I’ve read the same advice twice. I wasn’t paying attention the first time so I can’t tell you exactly which listicle about blogging, writing or social media I was looking at from the couch… I was half invested and paying attention to a decade old episode of Top Chef which took place in Chicago and looked more like early Real World than the stuff of TV Chef dreams.

The second instance of the advice stuck a little bit better. It came through Tim Ferriss’s book Tribe of Mentors: Short Life Advice from the Best in the World. I spent a good couple years closely following the advice of Tim Ferriss when he released books like 4 Hour Work Week and 4 Hour Body. At some point around 4 Hour Chef and his podcast, I lost interest. Maybe it was jealousy, but at some point I got tired of all his ‘advice.’

But then he started getting other people to share their experiences, and him focusing on tapping in to their advice really helped me come back around on Mr. Ferriss. Enter his book Tribe of Mentors.

But back to the advice… Ferriss provided a written interview of Tim Urban, popular blogger of Wait But Why. At the beginning, when Urban worked to find his audience, he found it helpful to imagine he was writing for a stadium full of replicas of himself.  

Basically he says I know what topics interest myself, and eventually by writing to myself, or selves, I will focus on my own natural voice. After that my audience will follow.

Maybe my audience will find me somehow… or maybe not, who cares??? A stadium full of me would be an awfully big hot dog cart anyways.

Pictured: cart full o’ weiners