Welcome to ‘A Failure to Communicate’…Keeping a Diary, On Becoming a Diarier

And away we go… Welcome to “A Failure to Communicate,” a third and final attempt at the creation of a regular ‘on the line’ outlet for thoughts.  A diary of sorts, not serious enough to be a journal and without reaching enough people to be considered a blog.  I feel like the person shouting in the woods with no one around to hear.


*I don’t think anyone heard me*

Twice previously I attempted to create a recurring column of musings.  The first on Blogger during an extended period in Afghanistan almost a decade ago, which ended before I set foot off the plane. I think my culinary evaluation of in-flight meals garnered several mobile hits from people reading in Mother Russia, but they may have just been tracking the military movements provided by my poor sense of Operational Security (OPSEC).  The second more recent failure was meant to catalog the trials and tribulations of training for a triathlon… but the excuse there is that I was too busy spending hours in the water, on the bike or yogging(1) along the coast.  So here is the third and final try: CoolHandSloot’s “A Failure to Communicate.”

History is littered(2) with great minds who regularly wrote their thoughts.  An exercise in selfish reflection (3), I’m considering this a long form tweet unrestricted by character counts and removed from the hustle and bustle of a too crowded space.  This private affair grants me the right to kick a$$holes out of my virtual living room, and I credit Mr. Money Mustache with that perspective.  It’s not that I won’t invite discussion, but there is a difference between debate and argument(4).

There are a few topics I’ve got planned to cover, but be warned I live a pretty boring life compared to world travelers.   I’m constantly wanting to try new things, so I’ll record those experiences, but don’t expect anything off the beaten path.  Mostly it’s a website about nothing.  I love movies, books, podcasts and I plan to review some of my favorites on this site.  I’ve constantly got random thoughts and questions, and the site may give me an outlet for research and findings.  Most importantly I’ve got a set of goals for the year(5), and I want to regularly and publicly chart progress in an attempt to keep myself accountable.

What do you think?


1- yogging is like jogging, but slower while listening to an audiobook or podcast

2- littered is the wrong word, but a lot of people write their thoughts down… shoulda used peppered

3- while I edited this post I realized how self-interested and egocentric this all sounded, but chose to leave it as is out of laziness and figuring I’ll try to do better next time

4- specifically the amount of veins showing in the forehead

5- soon to be posted once I figure out the best way to group them


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