On Embedding Tweets


I arrived to work a bit early today… flagrant disregard for health, safety, and others on a bicycle provides me with extra time to stop sweating in the cubsicle (seriously A/C is cranked, it could be AZ hot outside and I’d still hang meat in this building).  *hang meat is not a euphemism here*

Anyway, I used the time to learn how to embed a tweet from Twitter onto a WordPress site.

  1. Write brilliant tweet aka microblog
  2. Click embed tweet option on twitter
  3. Copy provided URL
  4. Paste in the HTML Tab to add brilliant microblog to blog
  5. Easy peasy lemon squeezy

Alright time to hit up the locker room to hang meat and get into my office costume.  *hang meat is a euphemism here*



On Retro Gaming


What’s the first thing a guy does, with a tall-boy in hand, on a hot summer’s eve and a minute to himself with his new computadora?  My cohabitant went to bed a few minutes early; I decided to do some testing on the limits of my new professional interwebs machine by downloading some games from the late nineties… ya know like the days when we all sat in the same room with computers physically connected to each other.

Anyways, I’ve now got a copy of the old flight games, and I’m looking forward to erasing some of those rebel scum.  Yeah I’m team Y-Wing, but in all honesty give me a Tie Advanced and I’m reliving the glory days… too bad e-sports didn’t become a thing because I’d have been a varsity A-The-Lete.

90’s kid,


On Late Starts

Dear Man in the Mirror
late start
Where does the time go?  I’m starting writing a bit later in life than I’d recommend.  The days of cocksureness gave way to the flaccid flip-flop of moderate life for me a couple years back.  Instead, I find myself sitting in a cubicle imagining a world of greater responsibility affecting masses with carefully curated words.  Instead of easily illustrating the ills of the world, I’ve become a bit apathetic.

I thought I’d enjoy some success, working a job, playin’ Army every couple weekends all while logging on to shout into the void that was on-line education. Now I’m endlessly employed, a cog in the military machine and walking down the street with a piece of paper (that’s not the god’s honest truth because they still need to mail it to me in a ‘Do Not Bend’ envelope), but  I’ve produced nothin’ of any real worth.  Certainly, nothin’ that will last beyond the time it took to put the words on the page.

Luckily, I’m on my way.  I’ve not created anything lasting yet, but there is still time.  I put in my time, learned the lessons and read, read, read.  The man in the mirror may be the only one to read this and all the subsequent posts, but I would consider a shame if I didn’t reach the people out there in their cubicles with a little fire left in their bellies, or some vinegar in their piss.  Sometimes ya gotta stop writing about what something is going to be and just write to see what it becomes.  Looking forward to seeing you in the mirror.